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View on Waerebo Village

Penti in Waerebo

Waerebo is an old, unique and traditional village in the province of Manggarai in western Flores. Located on an idyllic,...

KOMODO NATIONAL PARK: 3 days / 2 nights Islands Trip

KOMODO NATIONAL PARK: 3 days / 2 nights Islands Trip

We will visit the giant lizard, snorkel over beautiful coral reefs, watch the impressive flying foxes return to their island...


2-Day Island Adventure around Maumere

Robinson-Crusoe-like snorkeling, camping, relaxing, enyoing magical sunset on deserted islands. Day 1: Wairterang-Tanjung Darat-Pengabatan-Babi Sailing from Wairterang, we will first...


Sikka: Mount Egon Trekking

If you stay around Maumere we offer a half-day-hiking-trip up to the stunning, active crater of Mount Egon with superb...


Flores Overland Tour (5-8 Days)

This Tour will bring you to all major attractions around Flores, either going from the east to the west, or...


Lembata: Traditional Whale Hunting

Aboriginal whaling is the hunting of whales carried out by aboriginal groups who have a tradition of whaling. (The hunting...


Flores Culture & Scenery in 5 Days

Flores is famous for its variety of culturally distinct regions. On this tour we will see the great Sikkanese Ikat...